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Shooter Make Ready App

In the App, when I go to Steel Training Settings, I can change the Target Pattern, but I cannot see which target I am selecting. I tap 'Blank', the current selection, and the menu rises from the bottom. It seems the only two options are blank and Ring Reducer, but the menu is empty.

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Hi d3varms,

Thanks for contacting us.  Upon selecting the "Target Pattern" option a scrolling selection picker will appear at the bottom of the screen. There should be three selections to choose from:  Blank, Bullseye, and Ring Reducer.  You should be able to swipe up or down to select the desired option and press "Done" for the selection to take effect.  This is a Course of Fire wide selection so there is no option for selecting which target it appears on.  It will appear on all targets at the start of the shot string.   From you image it looks like you may be running in dark mode.  If you don't see any selection options please try turning off dark mode (under the iPhone Settings - Display & Brightness) and see if the results appear as in the attached image.



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Yes, dark mode was my issue. Thank you!


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