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Why do one or more of my targets not respond to the app, or often lose connection?

If one or more targets are not responding, first check the power switch to make sure the target is turned ON. To turn on a target, slide the switch towards the PWR LED which will light green to indicate the target is turned ON.

If the switch is already in the ON position, the target may be in “sleep mode” to conserve battery power. Slide the switch away from the LED to the OFF position for at least 20 to 30 seconds, then turn the switch back to the ON position. If the PWR LED still doesn’t light green, the target likely needs recharging. Turn the switch to the OFF position and recharge the target.

If any of the targets have a flashing green PWR LED, that is an indication it is not connected to the app. In the app,  go to Devices from the flyout menu and check to make sure the targets you wish to use are listed and enabled for use. If necessary, press Scan at the top right of the Devices page to have the app look for targets that may have been turned OFF when the app was started.

When a target's battery is running low, the first thing you may notice is that target losing connection with the app. If it's been awhile since the target was recharged, try recharging all of your targets to see if that resolves the problem.

If all targets are fully charged, turned ON with a solid green LED and they’re shown in Devices, refer to the troubleshooting table at the back of the User Guide included in the app. Follow the steps shown for the symptoms you are experiencing.


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