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Why does the app suddenly stop reporting hits on my targets?

Check the round count tracked by the app. Round count is a setting for the firearm simulator found in the Devices view. In the Devices view, swipe the Laser Trainer row from right to left to expose the Edit button to get to the settings for the Magazine. You can enable Unlimited Rounds, or set a Round Count if Unlimted Rounds is disabled.

If Round Count is enabled for use and set to a value from 1 to 99, the round count will be reduced by 1 for each hit on a target. The magazine image in the header will show rounds in the magazine and the remaining count will be shown to the right. Once the round count reaches zero, the magazine image will show empty and further hits on the target will be ignored. This is to simulate an empty magazine scenario. To reload just tap the magazine image, or move your smartphone in an abrupt upward - downward motion. The round count will be restored to the value set by the Round Count setting.

Practicing reloading magazines is best done when another person can observe your magazine change and tap the magazine image for you as you continue to engage the targets after the reload. Get your magazine change times by looking at the Shot Timer viewer for the split times shown for the mag change events and the shot just after the reload.


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