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Why is the laser on my SIRT suddenly pulsing intermittently, or not working at all?

You've been using Shooter Make Ready with a SIRT training pistol for some time and all is good. Then one day you notice the laser pulsing quicker than usual, or not at all. Maybe the targets aren't reporting hits reliably, or possibly indicating two or more hits for one shot. Most likely the problem is a weakened or broken positive battery contact in the SIRT pistol. The positive battery contact can be seen through the opening of the trigger well on the bottom of the frame:

SIRT Positive Battery Contact

Turn your SIRT upsidedown and use something like a toothpick or pencil tip to gently press downward on the contact. It should easily spring back into place. If it feels loose or doesn't spring back, it's likely broken. Contact NextLevel Training support for a replacement.



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