Laser Target 4-Pack – Save $17!

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16 x 16 red pixel LED surface displays dynamic target patterns and detects hits as they occur. Rechargeable battery included.

Don’t forget our SIRT OneShot module for best performance with our targets and your SIRT 110 (Glock). One shot, one hit!

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FOUR Shooter Make Ready Targets!

Shooter Make Ready laser targets use advanced LED matrices to display bright, highly visible target images on a 2.5 square inch surface. Our patented technology enables a high density surface for displaying target images while simultaneously allowing hits to be detected reliably and shown immediately as they occur.

Shooter Make Ready uniquely allows multiple laser targets to be placed anywhere within a 360° radius of the shooter. Multiple laser targets can be placed at varying angles, elevations and depths up to 50 ft. from the shooter to create a more realistic and challenging course of fire, or located in different rooms to simulate scenarios involving movement by the shooter, not possible with camera and video-based systems.

360 degrees

Our laser targets run up to 36 continuous hours on a single charge, and can be fully recharged in under 2 hours using a Mini-USB cable and charge adapter. Use the recessed power switch to turn the laser target off when not in use to increase the time between charges to many days.

U.S. Patent No. 10,895,435

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Weight 0.8 lbs
Dimensions 5.8 × 2.9 × 2.0 in

2 reviews for Laser Target 4-Pack – Save $17!

  1. thepidler (verified owner)

    What a great setup. These four targets allow me to work on not only fundamentals – but also decision making in the friend or foe mode. My dry fire is much more fun that a light switch – but also varied by all the drills I can set up and do. Fun. Challenging. And translates to my Defensive Training with live fire. Picking up some more to add some complexity in 370 degrees and multiple rooms. What a great product!!

  2. Nicolas (verified owner)

    I already owned 2 different laser training system and really wanted to try this one. Well I am very glad I did, because this is really a great system. The targets quality is incredible and the technology used is very clever (using the leds as light sensors) and have proved to work very reliably even during daylight in a well lighten room. Setup is very easy, connection with the app is instant (thanks bluetooh low energy).

    At first I was very surprised by the relatively small size for the targets but after some use I think this is the right choice. You can carry them everywhere and you can just adjust the distance to them to fit your requirements.

    The different app training modes are really great. There are still room for improvements for some details (save best times for example, automatically chain stages without tapping the screen) but I heard this is being working on and I am confident we will see these features in a future version.

    I do not own a SIRT training pistol but a similar lesser known chinese competitor brand. Also for those wondering, the laser ammo surestrike does not work with these targets. I hope Accelerated Firearm Training will make a compatible laser kit for Airsoft pistols so that I can train with a blowback replica of my real gun (STI 2011).

    For those living outside the USA you can order through for example, it worked great for me.

    TLDR; Accelerated Firearm Training targets are REALLY GREAT!

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