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Can the Shooter Make Ready app be used without targets or a laser pistol?

Yes, our app can be used without targets or a laser training pistol. The Range Officer commands and/or start signal will sound after pressing the START button, using the settings configured in the app. If Par Time is enabled, the par time signal will sound at the end of the configured par time, set by the Par Time Delay option. However, the app does NOT detect actual gunshot sounds and will not report shot and split times. 

When used in this fashion without our targets, the app can be useful for signaling START and END audible indications for performing simple time-limited drills, such as draw-from-concealment or magazine reload exercises. In addition, the app includes a Basic Handgun Guide covering safety, training and skill tips, and a Sight Picture Tool and Shot Correction Chart, all of which can be very useful at the shooting range. 


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