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The SIRT OneShot plug-in module modifies the SIRT Model 110 training pistol from NextLevel Training to pulse the shot laser with each pull of the trigger.

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Normally the SIRT pistol activates the shot laser for as long as the trigger is held. Our SIRT OneShot plug-in module modifies the SIRT Model 110 pistol to activate the shot laser for a short timed duration to simulate one shot being fired with each pull of the trigger. The pulse duration is approximately 65 milliseconds,  timed perfectly for our targets to detect and report only one hit per shot. The SIRT OneShot module plugs directly into the existing laser module connector, and can be easily installed in just a few minutes.



Compatibility With SIRT Pistol Models

Our targets are compatible with the red and green lasers used in all SIRT models. Our SIRT OneShot module is for use only with the SIRT Model 110 (Glock 17/22). NextLevel Training uses an entirely different trigger and laser module assembly in the SIRT Model 107 (S&W MP) and the pocket pistol models, which unfortunately are not compatible with our SIRT OneShot module. We do not have a pulser solution for those models at this time. We suggest checking with NextLevel Training to see if they offer an option for pulsing the laser for these models.

We do know that some of our customers are using these other SIRT models successfully with our targets. If the trigger break-to-reset event is quick, the result is a short pulse from the shot laser which is picked up by our targets as one-shot-one-hit. Occasionally, multiple hits may be reported if the trigger is held in break too long or if there is excessive muzzle movement while shooting. We highly recommend using a laser that pulses if possible, especially for beginning shooters, however you can use our targets with non-pulsing lasers given these caveats.

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